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By Nita From USA
4.8 / 5

Dear Victor and PK,


It is with immense appreciation that I write this note to thank you on behalf of my family ( T my husband, Sean our son and Courtney our daughter)  for the most wonderful trip we just experienced to my home country.  Victor and Mary will remember that we started planning this back in March of 2009.  I have been in the US for the past 37 years, married to an American for the past 26 and have a multi cultural 24 year son who had not experienced his Indian roots until this trip. It was my personal impressions of India that brought on tremendous anxiety in taking them to India.  IVAT has changed that and exceeded every expectation I had.  Our sincere thanks. Each of us has indicated that this was the most insightful, well planned & orchestrated trip and for our family "the absolute best" we have taken.


Why IVAT, I have been asked? While I had my reasons, starting with Victor's response to my  first email, please allow me to share some of what we observed and experienced. In Vikrant, Mary and every other individual we interacted with as part of our trip we found attuned, customer service focused, considerate professionalism.  As I mentioned to PK when you called (which was very impressive since my sister and her husband were sitting in our suite having tea) that we were in India for 15 days, visited 8 different cities and hotels and did not have a single schedule issue.  The attention to every detail was truly amazing. Vikrant clearly sets the tone with his easy and optimistic style which displays a positive and happy attitude. His personal attention to detail is unbelievable.  For eg. he sent me a note to let me know that the hotel in Khajuraho was having a mandatory Christmas eve barbeque dinner, gave me the price and asked if we wanted to do that or go somewhere else. He followed up on some personal jewellry items I bought in Jaipur to give me the peace of mind. These are just a few of the many things he did for us. The "meet & greet" is probably something other tour operators do as well but with IVAT it was the sincerity, the balanced temperament of every individual and the flexibility shown to meet our needs that clearly differentiated IVAT in our minds. It was also very comforting to know that IVAT holds the respect and has credibility everywhere we went. Every tour guide and local operator you chose expressed this to us. 

Mary, I plan to place a positive comment on the Wendy Perrin website. If there is a particular link where you want me to do this please do let me know.  Also, I will connect with the family who sat next to me on our flight over and copy you so you can communicate with her directly when they plan their trip.

In closing, Vikrant please accept our very sincere gratitude and know that Sean and Courtney want to return and I have told them only if they let you arrange the next trip as well. Victor & PK you run a top notch travel agency - we wish you much success.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance as a reference at any time.


Best regards,

Nita - on behalf of my family 


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