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By Roger from Canada
5 / 5



Just a quick email to thank you and your team for the work you did on our trip.  Everything went very well.  Vikrant and his crew all did a good job.  The guides, with on exception, were all very good.  My daughter seemed to like D.V. in Udaipur.  She said it was because he was very professional.  But I wonder if his curly hair, ascot, and English style accent had anything to do with it.


I want to especially mention our driver, Aftab, who was a delight.  He was a good driver (he had to be) but he was also a good guide when we were driving to Agar and to Jaipur.  He had a mild, pleasant personality.  We were asked to fill out evaluation forms all along the way, but Aftab saw a lot of the guides and he might provide good feedback for you as well.


And you even provided a strike in Hyderabad the day we went sightseeing to eliminate all of the traffic.  (Although the policial mess now brewing around the question of separate statehood for a part of A.P. is not a laughing matter.)


You were right about the hotels.  At one point, Deborah said that when we showed pictures of them back home, folks will think they were some of the palaces we visited.


Vikrant and I both forgot about the last voucher that we were supposed to give in Dehli.  I still have it if you need it.  I hope you worked around it okay.


In short, thanks for a great trip.


Roger P.Parkinson 


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