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Red Fort

  • India [Delhi]
One of the most magnificent structures of Delhi, complete with red sand stone, the Red Fort, is one of the architectural marvels built by the great Mughal Emperor and architect, Shahajehan. The 400 year old ancient monument is the pride of Delhi and stands a mute witness to the historical transformations and revolutions that took place in India. The building of the Lal Qila, as it is commonly known, began in 1640 and it took around 8 years to complete the structure. The emperor decided to built this magnificent structure on the banks of Yamuna River when the capital was decided to shift from Agra to Delhi. \r\nRight from huge moat and the enormous gates of the fort, every piece of architecture is a marvel. \r\nThe 110 feet high walls of the fort, house a beautiful city within. The interiors are of marble with Divan - I - Aam (house of the public audience) and the Divan - I - Khas (house of the private audience). The most famous peacock throne was situated in this very fort and today it stands a reminiscent glory and royalty of the Mughals. The beautiful hamams or the bathing rooms and the equally beautiful zenana or the ladies rooms, only tell the tales of the royalty that lived within the ramparts of this massive structure. The wonderful fountains and the waterways still working in perfect condition give the architectural insight of the emperor himself. The most attractive is the beautiful Moti Masjid, built by the son of the Shahajehan, Aurangzeb. Built in Marble, the white colour gives a serene and calm atmosphere to the otherwise gigantic Fort. \r\nThe Lal Qila is one of the best preserved forts of India and also the one which has witnessed many an upheavals within. It was the centre of the political movement during the Mughal empire. The last emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar was imprisoned in this very fort by the British. The British used the forts for constructing a few buildings, for their military back up. It was on these very ramparts of this fort that the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru announced the freedom of India. Till date the Prime minister of India hoists the national flag here on the Independence Day every year on the Red Fort. \r\nThe Red Fort of Delhi…indeed a pride of Delhi!
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