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The Agra Fort

  • India [Agra]

From the sight of it the magnificent structure in Red Sand Stone looks strong and invincible. The common belief goes that it was build by the Mughal emperor Akbar and further developed by his heirs. But in reality the fort was actually a small fortress which a Hindu war lord had built long back around the 5th century viewing the strategic importance of Agra on the banks of River Yamuna.

Later when the Hindu kings and their dynasties were taken over by the Muslim rulers, the small fortress was developed which took the shape of a massive fortress. The Lodhis rebuilt it in the 13th century and Mughal emperor Akbar renovated the Fort in 1565 A.D. Though Akbar built it for military purposes, his heir son Jehangir and grandson Shahajehan turned it into a palatial fort.

The majestic structure is in the area of nearly 3 km and the walls are 20 feet high. It is surrounded by a moat full of water and crocodiles. The fort is built with Red Sand stone and is supposed to be the predecessor of the Red Fort of Delhi. Many buildings inside the fort were built by Shahajehan, unique among which is the stunning pearl mosque. The only building that remains which was built by Akbar is the Jehangiri Mahal, which stands in stark contrast with the rest as it has dominating Hindu architecture. The Diwan - e - Aam and the Diwan - e - Khas are the audience halls built by Shahajehan. The Sheesh Mahal near the Diwan - e - Khas is a beautiful palace with inlaid mirror work on the walls. The Mussaman Burj built by Shahajehan holds significance in the Agra Fort. This octagonal tower built by Shahajehan was supposed to be his bed room. This is also the place where he was detained by his son in his last days. This particular pavilion gives commanding views of the Taj, which the emperor would stare lying on his death bed.

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